Top Dog - The Story of Marine Hero Luca

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Top Dog is a gritty account of a new kind of warfare with a new kind of hero - Lucca K458 - a decorated and highly skilled working dog able to work off leash at long distances from her handler, hunting for lethal threats. The military catalogs its dogs as it would Humvees or M16s- as numbered and labeled equipment. To the US Marine Corps, the German Shepherd- Belgian Malinois mix with the expressive eyebrows is Lucca K458. But her job saving lives is a game she loves, and her prize is enthusiastic praise from her handler. She a real best friend on the battlefield.
Ultimately Top Dog reveals how the bond between military working dogs and their handlers saves lives and how their presence can help comrades overcome emotional trauma sustained on the battlefield. The moving relationship between Lucca developed with her handlers, her outstanding skills, and her exceptional character are the stuff of legend.

By Maria Goodavage
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