Proud to Be a Marine: Stories of Strength and Courage from the Few and the Proud

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Behind one of the most celebrated military branches in America are the often little-known actions of its brave warriors. Proud to be a Marine amplifies the human voices amidst the cannon blasts and gun fire ― from the American Revolution to modern day ― and provides fresh insight that will inspire and excite those interested in the proud legacy of the Marines . . .

This one of a kind collection includes:

• Union Corporal John Mackie's historic rallying cry as he earned the first ever Medal of Honor for a Marine

• The daring actions of Captain Bill Hawkins, the first Marine to step foot on Guadalcanal

• ROTC Cadet Vernice Armour's inspiring rise from police officer to first African-American female combat pilot in the history of the United States Marines

From the shores of Tripoli to the careful action against deadly IEDs in the Middle East, the anecdotal back stories of these upstanding Marines are proof they have always been ready, and always the "First to Fight."

By: C. Brian Kelly
Contributor: Ingrid Smyer
Paperback: 416 pages
Dimensions: 6" x 8.9"