USMC 1917 Centennial Watch Mug™

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The 1917 Centennial Watch Mug™ is based on dated fragments of original Marine Corps enlisted mess hall china recovered from a dump site in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  In the early twentieth century, mess hall mugs, plates, bowls, and condiment containers were stamped with U.S.M.C.” and the year of production.

Some modern coffee drinkers may be concerned about the absence of a handle.  When beverages are heated to 175°F (the high end of coffees recommended temperature range), the mug will feel hot if it is filled to the brim.  Remember, however, that mugs like this were originally used aboard rocking ships and would not have been filled to the brim.  Hot mugs can be comfortably gripped with a thumb on the rim and fingers on the mugs foot (the rough circular ridge on the bottom of the mug).  And remember also that the hands tough enough to wrest Belleau Wood from the German Army in 1918 had been drinking coffee from mugs like this before embarking for France.

In one important way, The 1917 Centennial Watch Mug™ is superior to the original; it is lead free.  The 1917 Centennial Watch Mug™ is also microwavable, dishwasher safe, and oven safe.

The 1917 Centennial Watch Mug™ is made in Newell, West Virginia, by the Homer Laughlin China Company. 

Please note the wrap on this mug is a cardboard graphic that is removable for washing. The mug is designed as an exact replica of the mugs used in the mess hall and therefore did not have this graphic.